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After spending most of last year heavily involved in other projects, I suppose we are officially on a break. As I write this, I'm about to get together with a new crew and start working on a brand new musical project, this time just for fun. I also plan to release many of the tracks that were only ever in live sets, and will play a skylab2000 show now and then. Stay tuned!

LATE 2012:
Just did a commercial for a big cosmetics company, Orly. Lately I've also been working on some hardware designs for musical intruments and effects, so the music site doesn't get updated as much as it had been. Please email me if you have any questions.

MARCH 6th 2011:
The website finally got an update with a new look and some new colors. Your comments on the new design are very welcome, or please tell me if you find any errors.

FEBRUARY 4th 2011:
Too many distractions lately, so the site is in need of updating.. Soon! Denver and WI shows planned for the next few months.

JUNE 23rd 2010:
We've changed the look of the site a little bit, but still have some work to go. Also just added audio of an interview and a DJ set from Chemical Frequency Radio from last week. Download it or stream it on the audio page.

APRIL 10th 2010:
A few weeks ago I did a remix of the classic Supertramp song "Logical", for the multiple Grammy winning artist Ford. We've gotten great reactions from this already, so I expect very big things. It's being mastered now in some fancy east coast mastering lab, look out for it very soon. It will get a lot of play at parties and at clubs.

NOVEMBER 2nd 2009:
Alaska coming up. Paul Oakenfold remix complete. Read the new skylab2000 newsletter in a new window here:

SEPTEMBER 15th 2009:
Off to Detroit. Read the September skylab2000 newletter in a new window here:

AUGUST 2009:
New live video up from Puerto Rico and more. Newsletter in a new window here:

JULY 8th 2009:
Soundcloud, more video, flyers! Read the full July skylab2000 newletter in a new window here:

APRIL 4th 2009:
Going to start adding newletters to the web site so that this news page stays more current. The latest newsletter is now online at

SEPTEMBER 11th 2008:
Rollergirl 2008 DJ mix competition is on now. Have a look at the Rollergirl DJ MIX competition page! Great prizes!

AUGUST 10TH 2008:
Rollergirl 2008 remixes released August 22 on Washington DC's Metronix recordings. Three 2008 remixes of the classic Rollergirl track on Metronix. Features an LJ MTX electro house remix with Ciconte, an electro breaks remix by Viro and Rob Analyze, and a trance remix by Johnny Y.

MAY 19th 2008:
Still working on summer show plans - more dates to be announced soon.

DECEMBER 14th 2007:
Sixteen new pictures just got added to the pictures page tonight.

OCTOBER 16th 2007:
Today I'm helping out the great crew in Denver by announcing the winners of the first Colorado Underground Music Scene DJ contest. You can read more on the page

I'm happy to announce October's best DJ's:
House - Cognition
Trance - Trajikk
Breaks - Kombat
Jungle/DnB - Xplicit
Hardcore - DSM

Congratulations to these fine DJs, and be sure to vote in November.

SEPTEMBER 20th 2007:
I spent the summer in Asia, and just now getting back into touring again. There's some new gear in the live set up, and also in the studio, so I have been working out the kinks. Plenty of live shows coming up - details on the live show page here.

JUNE 22nd 2007:
So many things going on, but I've been a bit lazy about updating this 'news' page.. Summer tour, off to Asia, new music, etc. There's even a skylab2000 track in the new Dance Dance Revolution Universe for Xbox 360. Try it out!

JANUARY 21st 2007:
New year, lots to come

DECEMBER 26th 2006:
Playing on New Years Eve in New York City. Also new raw live video added
here in the VIDEO section.

DECEMBER 1st 2006:
Here's some info about a bad check we accepted.

SEPTEMBER 16th 2006:
Website updates: new bio, new "radio" feature in the AUDIO section - you can play 14 tracks with just one click!

AUGUST 2006:
The Indiana promoter John Filewich wrote us a bad check: INFO HERE

AUGUST 13th 2006:
Been in Asia for over a month, but finally back to play some live shows here in the states. Chicago at Vision!

MAY 13th 2006:
The skylab2000 remix of C'MON C'MON, by Tricky Bizznis featuring Trixie Reiss will be out in July 2006 on 12" vinyl. You can preview it free HERE.

Also, START IT UP! is a new 60 second skylab2000 track written especially for, and offered ONLY as a ringtone. Available now for FREE for your cell phone! Look in the RELEASES section here for full info.

APRIL 8th 2006:
Look in the VIDEO section here for brand new video-
blog of a typical day on the road with skylab2000.

MARCH 22nd 2006:
Workng on lots of new stuff, as usual. Just did a ring tone, and a new remix for Trixie which is to be released on vinyl in July. Will tell more soon.

JANUARY 7th 2006:
Google seems to be planning some new music thing. Check this sneak peek out: Google Music page for skylab2000.

NOVEMBER 25th 2005:
Metropolis, in Denver on Sat Nov 26th, was scheduled at Cervantes, but has now moved to Azatlan Theater. Please check for the latest info.

NOVEMBER 9th 2005:
No shows in December until New Years Eve (vacation!). By the way, New Years Eve is still available, so contact us if you are interested!

OCTOBER 19th 2005:
A few days off now before I'm back out, so time to fix some gear, write some music, and enjoy the arrival of fall! This months NY show was quite fun, but was a messy foam party! First time foam for me. Strange stuff!

SEPTEMBER 1st 2005:
The site should be pretty bug free now. Please let me know if anything seems broken. This month looks like shows in Austin and Minneapolis.

AUGUST 6th 2005:
First working version of this new site is online on a test only basis.

JUNE 15th 2005:
Beatles ReGrooved hit the number one sales spot on the iTunes electronic charts today. (

JUNE 7th 2005:
KOCH Records released the latest compilation in its "ReGrooved" electronic music series, "Beatles ReGrooved," on June 7, 2005. The skylab2000 version of "Two of Us" features vocals by Leah Reich, and is available on CD, and iTunes download.

APRIL 2nd 2005:
Playing live in Japan in May. for full info.

MARCH 15th 2005:
Flying to Mexico in a few weeks to play a show.. International shows are always a lot of fun!

LIVE BOOTLEG B001 is out now! For ten years we have secretly recorded skylab2000 live sets, and now we are excited to release some of these live tracks in a series of CDs called LIVE BOOTLEG. Details on the releases page HERE.

D ECEMBER 15th 2004:
New Year Eve coming right up! Always a good time.

SEPTEMBER 23rd 2004:
"DECK THE HALLS" (skylab2000 remix) to be released soon on Christmas Regrooved.

New Year Eve is already booked. Feels odd to plan so far in advance!

JUNE 1st 2004:
Check out the new SKYLAB2000 PAGE at!

APRIL 10th 2004:
"Fur Elise" and "Hungarian Dance " - two brand new skylab2000 remixes, released on "Classics Regrooved", July 28 2004 .

APRIL 3rd 2004:
With the sudden closing of The Asylum (Springfield MA), tonight's show has been moved to a much smaller location. They told me but no need for me to fly across the country to be there, so they will have me play their next event in NY instead.

MARCH 15th 2004:
A few shows, but mostly doing remixes, and enjoying the beach.. Redesigned a few pages of this site today, but you've probably just seen some of that. :) More to come!

JAN 8th 2004:
There's some new live video footage here on the site, and more to come soon. See the "video" section on the main page. A skylab2000 track is in the Xbox game Amped 2. Yes, I did a deal with Microsoft. Doesn't feel too bad. :) New interview here, and fresh pictures from New Years eve on the site too!

SEP 15th 2003:
Nice article from on the Future Retro synth I use and how I got so involved with the company: Click HERE to check it out.

AUG 25th 2003:
Doing remixes again. Booking Sept-Dec.

MAY 10th 2003:
Remixes coming along nicely. Almost done. Canada the end of this month and I am hyped! Gonna be a great one!

FEB 1st 2003:

My brother's wife had a baby today, Miranda..Also, there's now a 2001 live set from NY under in the "audio" area of this site.

DEC 26th 2002:
No real news.. Just working on projects to be announced as they are finalized.

OCT 25th 2002:
We added a bunch of new weird logo items in the skylab2000 store! Click HERE to check it out.

OCT 1 2002:
Working in the studio. News soon!

JUNE 20TH 2002:
I'm working on getting new links to the skylab2000 page. If you have a web site, link to this site - - and bring a printout of your page to any show I'm playing and we'll give ya a free CD. Cool? You can also email me and I'll send you a CD.

MAY 20TH 2002: Starting today, Majestic Distribution has the new skylab2000 12" vinyl single "TEN - reentry mix", available for purchase online! Please click HERE.

APRIL 22nd 2002:
Ack! If you signed up for the mailing list, but never got any email, please sign up again. The program was taking names and never saving them. :( Sorry!! A new skylab2000 message board is now up and running. [EDIT: discontinued]

MAR 5th 2002:
Promo copies of the new single "Ten - reentry mix", on Genesis Project Recordings, just arrived today! If you are a big shot DJ hit me up for one. :) The flip side is two remixes by Chicago's Nico Demonte. Actual release will be in a coupla months. Don't miss it. Look at the main page here for details on our Winter Music Conference Party!

MAR 2nd 2002:
I was due to play in southern IL this past weekend. We got to Chicago where I had to change planes and the connecting flight got canceled due to snow! Shit. That was bad, but I was just going to rent a car and drive the five hours thru the snow to make the show. I've never missed a show before. So, I got a rental car arranged, and went to get my bags. Now all the luggage was still out on the runway and no bags were being brought in. A hundred fifty flights were canceled so it was a mess there. They finally decided to get select bags for people that really needed them so they went looking for mine. "Can't fine em". Ok, I asked for them to keep looking and I'd come back in a few mins. After four tries over 6 hours, they finally found them. It was a 5 hour drive and it was now midnight. The event ended at 3am, so there was just not enough time to make it. Before Sept 11th, I was allowed two carry ons, so could take all the essential gear on the flight. Now I am limited to only one, so I had to check some vital stuff. Shame, but it's a new world. Amazing what ripple effects that had.. So, anyway, I spent the night in an airport hotel and then flew home. :( What a waste of to two days. We are going to try and reschedule in the next few months. Apologies to everyone who was affected. I tried my best. In much better news, we just back from Moscow and Samara, to play for the Russians. Quite an adventure. It was pretty amazing and very different from what I expected. The clubs were beautiful and totally went off!! Great people, and super cute girls everywhere. We were treated really well, and they seemed to really appreciate music from the UK and US. We ate lots of great food, went to tons of good clubs and restaurants, and drank plenty of delicious vodka while appreciating the views. Recommended.

JAN 26th 2002:
Please have a look at this month's BPM Culture Magazine. Page 116. There's a small thing about skylab2000. Info on what I do and how to do it live. More exciting news - Russia shows finally are booked! After weeks of working on it, I'm happy to announce that we are off to do a couple of shows in Samara and Moscow. It'll be cold but worth it for an amazing experience. The vodka should keep us warm...

NOV 10th 2001:
frequent flyer The new "Frequent Flyer" EP is out! A 7 song CD collection of b-sides, rarities and unreleased tracks. This long awaited release is finally available to buy here online RIGHT NOW!! You can get a copy for only $10 at all skylab2000 shows, or have it sent to you right away for only $12, including shipping. If you wish to get a copy of Frequent Flyer right now using CCnow secure credit card purchasing, please click here! (A new window will open)

OCT 25th 2001:
The new CD "Frequent Flyer" is done and I have them as of today! They will be sale online very soon and also at every show starting tomorrow.

OCT 10th 2001:
Travel is getting harder. So many new restrictions that make transporting gear trickier than ever. Better news is that the new CD "Frequent Flyer" is at the pressing plant so will be ready very soon.

AUG 24th 2001:
Look at our "merchandise" page. There's some new hats now. Also until Sept 30th ONLY, there's a skylab2000 record bag too. Very cool! Click here for the very limited edition bag.

AUG 02nd 2001:
Once again a CD is in the works. The name is "Frequent Flyer". It's in the cover designer's hands so wont be long..

MAY 30th 2001:
I just ordered a bunch of t-shirts. Find me at a show if you want one.

MAY 01st 2001:
Just added a mailing list sign up page. I will send out mail only once every few months, so your mailbox will not get cluttered by signing up. Click here!

Off to Puerto Rico tonight for a show and then a quick vacation. Finally!

Some quick bad news - We were initially booked to play a show, April 7th, in Columbus Ohio, but the promoter didn't meet his obligations, and we had to cancel at the last minute. Massive apologies to anyone who was there expecting to see skylab2000 perform. Canceling a performance is not something I was happy to be forced to do, and I sincerely apologize to anyone who came out to see us.

APRIL 2001:
I've been a bit of a slacker about keeping up on the news here. Today's biggest news is that we just got confirmed for a party in a cave in Puerto Rico. Very cool lineup. Mar y sol! Lotsa shows this month and a few new tunes to try out live.

December will be spent in the studio working on some new stuff, remixing and rewriting songs, and changing a bit of gear. We've started booking shows for the new year and have some great parties in the works. There's also a new interview with skylab2000 on a French Canadian web site, based up in Montreal. Click on "Entrevue" - French for interview - on Montreal

We have brand new skylab2000 t-shirts, sweat shirts, girls shirts! Check em out here!

AUGUST 2000:
skylab2000 official statement:
'Due to multiple issues securing a location outside of the city, the "its a party rev" event in Detroit on Saturday Aug 26th was moved to the "chop shop" location. There are minimum production, gear and personal safety standards that could not be met at this location. For these reasons, skylab2000 did not perform at this event. In the six years we have been playing, we have never chosen to not perform at an event, but now feel certain minimum standards must be upheld. Apologies to anyone who expected to see skylab2000 perform on Saturday.'

JULY 2000:
We're playing every weekend. Fun, but tiring! I'm happy to report that we have the NUMBER ONE and NUMBER FOUR song on MP3.COM overall! We have five songs total right now in the top 40 there, and 7 in the electronic top 40 so check it out! Look at the skylab2000 page in the next few days as we have uploaded a few more classic tracks. Also, check out the live events page as there's some wicked festivals and parties coming up! Florida, New York and Atlanta all have some great parties to look forward to! Lastly, skylab2000 t-shirts are now available! We sell em at our cost and don't make a penny on em. Pretty cool. Check em out from the link from our main page or click here. JUNE 2000:
I had a few hours free to work on the web site so I added three new images from the massive Whistle 3 party to the pictures section here. Also, check out the skylab2000 page on as I've added some hard to find tracks. Istanbul in less than 2 weeks!

SUMMER 2000:
We have shows most weekends so have been too busy to update this section. Sorry! Please check the upcoming events area of this site to see if the band will be in your city. Summer dates include Los Angeles, Denver, Detroit, Minneapolis, Kentucky, Chicago, St Louis, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Istanbul (Turkey), and Hong Kong! We just added three new images to the pictures section here. Lastly, we are now shopping a new single, so expect a new release soon!

This newly designed web site is now up. Please contact us with any comments or problem reports to me. We're working out problems with Netscape Navigator, but Explorer should work well. Thanks!

Just got back from a wicked trip to China to play a coupla shows. Shanghai got canceled at the last minute, but we played an amazing event in Hong Kong. Very cool. Massive thanks to Philippe from French Kiss for bringing us out. OCTOBER 1999:
The video from "Bottle Rocket" is now online. This is a 60 minute live video of a skylab2000 show at Tracks 2000 in Washington DC. It was shot on July 4th at a wicked three room party in our nations capitol. Great party!

AUGUST 1999:
There's a brand new skylab2000 single in the works, which is a crazy acid trance journey. It's still untitled but we have been playing it live with great response. We plan to have a remix on the back, and are talking to a very special DJ about doing it. Stayed tuned for the announcement. Next week we are off to play some shows in Asia. It's the first trip to play in Asia for us, so we are quite excited. Hong Kong on the 18th! If any of you will be there by chance, write me for guest list info. Upcoming shows include the massive Zen Festival in LA, Austin, Halloween in Houston, San Diego, Philadelphia, and a FL tour including Pensacola, Sarasota, and Tallahassee

MAY 1999:
Shows every weekend! We have finally moved our studio to a new place so expect to hear some new stuff soon! Also, we've added MP3 files of our latest records! Check em out on our "sounds" page. APRIL 1999:
A Brand new live video from Cincinnati on New Years eve! Check out the new issue of FIX for a awesome review of the "Shak" single. FEBRUARY 1999:
Check out the Jan/Feb issue of URB for a very nice review of the new single "Shak". Thanks URB!

Phatt Phunk Records now takes VISA. Phatt Phunk's website is at Thanks to FIX Magazine for this month's article and interview with skylab2000. Check it out while it's still around. Florida's Balance Promo has the "Shak" single at #4, and we certainly appreciate that. Chicago's Thousand Words Magazine listed "Shak" as the number four trance record for 1998, so massive thanks to them!

Test pressing promos of the new 12 inch "Shak - (rok yer sol)" are out. (see info below).

Despite having to move our studio in September, we managed to complete a new 12". This single is called "Shak - (rok yer sol)" and is a progressive stormer. The B side is a great goa/trance remix by DJ Doran. We expect test presses by late Sept/October. Live performances this month include the largest club in the US - Club La Vela in Florida and an outdoor festival in southern Illinois. Club La Vela holds 7000 people. Crazy!

JULY 1998:
Have a look at the Flash! News section on the Streetsounds site. On July 8th, Skylab2000 was the feature story. Live performances this month include world famous "Simon's" in Gainesville, and first time shows in Dallas and Atlanta.

JUNE 1998:
Check out the sounds section. We've just added a link to our Roller Girl promo video on the Internet TV site .

MAY 1998:
The 12" and CD releases mentioned below in April's news have been held back for now. They will now be released at the end of June. This was done to coincide with June's mini tour of Canada. See the upcoming events page for details on the tour.

APRIL 1998:
We are happy to announce that skylab2000 has two new releases scheduled on LA's Phatt Phunk Records. The new 12" is called Rollergirl, and is a hard acid track, with a progressive remix by Thomas Michael on the B-side. The extended play CD, Day Breaks contains both tracks from the 12", plus a radio edit and two bonus tracks, Sister Valentine and Keep it Comin'. Both releases are currently in the promo stage with a release date of April 28th. Stay tuned.

MARCH 1998:
We've added many new pictures of the band performing, and new sound files as well. Have a look at the SOUNDS and PICTURES sections.

We've just added this page for the latest news, and will update it soon. N

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