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live! live! live!




Here's just a tiny sampling of the hundreds of skylab2000 shows that have been reviewed in magazines and on the internet:

"skylab2000 is a rave legend.."

URB: [live performance at Metropolis]
"skylab2000 warmed the souls of the club. They were simply incredible."

"Their live Riders of the Plastic Groove performance on August 11th was fantastic."


Dave Dresden [Gabriel & Dresden]
"I like your stuff a lot. I especially think that "Rollergirl" is the bomb of all bombs."

Nadia Ali of iiO:
"Wow. Really good stuff"

"Taylor and David Alvarado were spinning, along with a live performance by skylab2000... I was eager to hear them, and they really are great. The BPM's soared intensely over the crafted acidic sine waves. Long ambient breaks layered themselves into beautiful crescendos, ushering in more acidic swirlings and breaking down into the hardcore trance. The music was inspiring, a unique brand of trance that Southern California has not seen the likes of, and I can't wait to hear them again."

"We arrived just in time to hear local favorites skylab2000 break into their first performance of the year, and what a performance it was. Playing almost an entire hour of new material, Dennis and David kept it hard and acidic."

Danny [Canadian Promoter]
"Dennis and the skylab crew were truly one of the most inspiring, energetic and powerful music acts I have ever booked or seen. 5 years later, anytime our crew is debating which DJ put on the best show- skylab2000 is always dropped and all is trumped. And music skills aside, Dennis was one of the most friendly, helpful and genuine performers I have ever used."

DJ Thee-O:
"Skylab2000 was amazing then and is still amazing...such good stuff"

"Skylab2000 is the epitome of how it should be done: Not a DJ, but something different. A Rock Star without the rock star mentality. When you are in a room full of strangers, the best people somehow stand apart from all others, and you would know what I mean if you have ever met him."

"SKYLAB2000!!! This guy is amazing LIVE - a one man army with the hard pounding acid beats - LA's own mad genius with the furious electronic transmissions, bringing the crowd to a fever pitch / positive state of madness - a wild dancing frenzy erupts whenever this guy touches down in your arena / area / zone... RESPECT."
"dear god, skylab2000, oh shit, god save me, i've started dancing and i just can't stop!!! with never having seen them live i had no clue what to expect - i don't think it would have mattered tho, they completely blew the crowds collective mind..."

jdvano (
"I wouldn't miss skylab2000 EVER. They put on such a amazing show, there really unique, but not in a weird way. I don't usually like live acts at raves, cuz people stop dancing and start watching the band. But Skylab 2000 is DIFFERENT, they're making live music, but the beatz just beat the crap out of you!"

Forrester, Doug (
"PROPS: skylab2000...These peoples sets blew me away."

AJ (Baltimore):

Mikhail Khaimov (
" was the time for SKYLAB! and holly shit did they ever rock da fucken place"
"The 2 best acts of the night had to go to donald glaude and skylab2000. Donald and skylab2000 had the fuckin place jumping. Skylab played all kinds wicked sounds, hardcore beats , funky house shit, slamming techno, and some jungle sounds."

Eduardo Gaytan (
"SKYLAB2000-just as i thought it was goin' down hill i heard these hard ass grooves just rippin through the freakin speakers. oh my god are they good, and live.yea i have to get that cd."

ElF_BoY (
"The skylab show kicked arse. no other way to put it, these guys ripped shit up!! they just played some tite, off the wall shit. and that chick singing back there- she got a voice!!"
"this was one of tha beSt parties ive been to at homebaSe actually.. it wasnt THAT crowded, but it was HELLA hot.... SKYLAB2000 fuckin kicked ass dOode, they were so awesome, ive waited my whole life fer this.."

Jeff (
"Skylab2k came on then with some amazing songs and samples that totally synced with everything that was going on throughout the event. Just wish they played longer. They have some amazing music and totally blew my mind"

James Martin (
"After this skylab2000 came on.. Damn they had this sample at the begining that wuz just unbelivable and it fit right in with this festival..playin some nice acid techno, and even throwin in some hard house and breaks these guys really rawked"

Aaron Mueller (
"I went to see the Crystal Method last night at Club Rio here in Phoenix. It was alright, but skylab2000 definitely gets the floor pumping more than they doubt about it."

James Gorham (
"skylab2000 amazed me, as usual"

Vegas Rick (
"Dude. skylab2000 rocked Saturday night. That club is usually a hard club for live performances, but they had them dancing their asses off. Great job."

DJ ism (
"I'm going to skip ahead here to skylab2000 who happened to *ROCK* Dessau to its very foundation. You could tell they were really into their music (as was everyone else I saw around me) with their child-like grins and the way they danced around the stage. High-pitched acid squeals and some really catchy breaks were enhanced by looped vocals as well as live vocals by 1/2 of skylab, which really infused some energy. The highlight here had to have been one track which has a looped sample saying, "Sister and Brother". A damn fine tune and live vocals yelling, "Sister and brother" over the looped sample. He even got down in the crowd with the mic and started dancing and singing. Really wonderful. This goes down as one of the best live PA's I've seen!"

Josh Needleman (
"skylab2000. Great live PA. It's seems to be damn hard to do a live PA thats actually dancable and varied, but skylab pulled it off. Good work."

Soundwave [Chad Gould] (
"They were very good, nice sounds. Not normally a style I like but live skylab2K kicks ass. (:"

richard shebestak (
"I saw skylab2000 in Southern Ill, at Dreamfest. These guys put on one helluva show. It was much enjoyed by all."

Shawn Parker (
"- skylab2000 rocked hard!!!!!!!"

Jennifer (
"their performance style is really reminiscent of the Happy Mondays and that whole manchester thing of the early 90's. I can definately see why they're gettin' flown all over the world."

Mary Withers (
"I have always loved skylab2000, and I have never heard them sound better and tighter than they did last night. It was the first time I'd heard this material. The last 15 minutes of the set, I had to speakerhug. Imagine buzzsaws of pleasure slicing through your brain. If anyone remembers the full description of the effects of a Pan-galactic Gargleblaster (not sure of spelling or name) that's what this set was like. People were laughing and crying and shrieking and utterly going off. It was like a goddamned *Rave* or somethin'!! :->"

Dana Watanabe (
"skylab2000 definitely blew the roof off. The sound system was super nice and the music was using it really well. The whole set just sounded, well... massive. Good stuff."

hasia B (ultraviolet24@HOTMAIL.COM)
"I was in Cleveland for MayDay(hell of a fucking party, i might add, in a warehouse,very "underground" awesome vibe, music, lights etc, and skylab2000 kick ass =-p...)"
"skylab2000 was amazing! I loved how they were so into their music."
"terry lee brown jr and skylab2000 made up for the whole night. they were AMAZING. i didn't want to leave."

MEkka Berzerkor (mekkab@YAHOO.COM)
"BUt it was a slammin' night, I'm super glad I actually got in and SKYLAB2000 !!!!!!!!!! hOT DAMN! I found some new heroes!"

Cari Hah (angel1004@HOTMAIL.COM)
"skylab2000 was the big surprise of the evening. the live performance was incredible...he even got past the technical difficulties with grace...what class!"

Pook Pook (wookpook@YAHOO.COM)
"the highlight of the night was definitely skylab2000 who made my ass move and my mind think - sometimes it's hard to do these activities together.. So good so good!!"

Avik Nandy (gabrlknght@HOTMAIL.COM)
"skylab2000 was incredible...I was just dazzled by the live performance...The guys up on stage were getting so into it as well, it just made the crowd go nuts...Truly innovative and just awe-inspiring...I got a chance to head up stage and talk w/ them for a bit, and they were equally cool in return...*yay*"

Anthony,, South Florida
"skylab2000 get the whole house jumpin' everytime they play! Ever since I first saw 'em in 1997, I've been hooked- keep rocking!"

Dan Shtob (
"skylab2000, i waited 2 and a half years to see them again, and it was well worth it...i can't move my legs this morning. all i can say is that with the great music that was around (feelgood as well) i didnt stop dancing for more than a half hour at a time all night..."

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