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Auburn Shak

Here's just a few skylab2000 reviews:

"HOT on the heels of their previously underrated single "rollergirl", this L.A., based progressive duo release their second corker for the Phatt Phunk Label. Like the past work, skylab2000 stay true to the unique sound that they've developed over the past several years, raw and (at times) funky beats and samples, along with hearty acid. The mix on the B-side opts to slow the tempo down six notches to 134 bpm. (review by Robert Oleysyck)

"Thomas Michael's remix builds a builds, then breaks down into a trancy middle section before exploding into a surprise chance in the final section. Hunt this one down."

With it's offset, bouncy bassline and hard synth stabs the intro to Dennis Barton's latest release works its way into your body and mind. As more pieces are added (and subsequently removed), increasing the mix's complexity, interest and crispness, we're taken for a thumpin' ride which gets topped by a variety of the familiar "Rock your soul but make a building shake". The mix's drop is lightly D'n'B-ish with a string cover and a calming piano before working its way up to full force. The rollercoaster continues through the long, workable outro. The added gem on this slab is the inclusion of a mix by DJ Doran (of Rampant). His interpretation includes a hollow-ish percussive accent and a set of heavily electronic rhythmic layers that work themselves into a quickly keyed topping. The drop introduces us to the filtered version of the looped vocal snip as the groove eases back up into full force. This I like. He works us back through the succession of segments before the slowly peeled back outro. 141 & 134 BPM. *** of 4 (review by Richard Mink)

Skylab2000 are not to be confused with the UK Skylab, this is another strong and impressive record label to come from the west coast of America. This Los Angeles based label release their third track, and what a little gem it is too. The first mix of 'Auburn' is the 'vocal mix', a harder warbling analogue line introduces a heavy beat and vocal, a chunky and heavy mix that goes off with it's heavy analogue lines and deep rumbling bassline. This hard version has a breaksdown with crazy distorted guitars, taking off again into a full-on mix. The 'GearWhore Mix' mix again has a heavy rumbling bassline, and warbling 303's, but has a heavy breakbeat - a superb instrumental mix with some good breakdowns. An intense mix that takes no prisoners. The B side contains the mix that's getting all the attention, 'Taylor's OneInMetropolis Mix', remixed by Taylor, (of Libra/Taylor, G.T.R fame) doing his first solo remix and what a corker it is! Starting with a looping gated metallic drum sound before the kick drum is added, the track keeps building and building with more drums being added while a deep and wall shaking bass is faded in along with the heavy analogue line. The track breaks down and then kicks in with an almighty breakbeat that just rips through! The track takes off with the breakbeat, bass and analogue line, other heavy sounds are added, big break downs and pounding beats get the crowd going mental, the second breakdown features small amounts of vocal before the track takes off again - beautiful and emotional synth lines ride over the top of this pounding beat before they come into there own and finish off this eleven minute voyage. A trip from beginning to end! Superb. The record is finished off with another track 'Juicy Fruit', a bit of a jungle tune, enough said! This record is well worth getting on the strength of the Taylor mix, but excellent alternative mixes are also provided, a heavyweight of a track but it works a treat on the dancefloor. **** 1/2 of 5. (review by Guy Oldham / Eastern Bloc Records, Manchester UK)

The third release from this fledgling label is a tough combination of hard acid and Chemical (nee Dust) Brothers-ish grooves. The A side synth repartee on a hard thump'n'clap based kick with a hearty snare accent, is a 140 BPM screamer. The Vocal Mix gets heightened by lofty string additions and a constantly evolving drum pattern. This is a hard, busy, energetic stomper that features some poignant, expressive philosophizing by Alissa Kueker and three absolutely mean drops. The dub is a bongo-spiced version with no vocals but is still strong. I like the B side Oneinmetropolis Mix (127 BPM) best with its bass and phased bongo intro into heavy guitar a-la Chemicals. It drops into a crispy butt kick with a spate of unifying vocals before getting back to its prior toughness. Long synth passages are included in the last third which soften the groove and lead into a long beatless outro providing a stark but effective contrast to the prior overwhelming intensity. Fine work that they relish performing live. *** (of 4)

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